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Riverside Collection Ltd. is a manufacturing as well as a trading company having product diversity/capacity as follows.
Product range:
a) Basic and fashion Tee shirt/ Fleece/ Polo/ knitted bottoms for Men's, ladies and kid's in different kind of knit fabrics
b) Trouser and shorts on denim and non-denim
c) Men's and ladies shirt
d) Men's, Ladies and kid's sweater in different yarn and in different gg 1.5/3/5/7/10/12, got a variety of yarn we are working on
e) Men's, Ladies and kid's jacket
f) Men’s, Ladies all type of knit, woven undergarments and swimmer.
g) All type of Kids Item

-> Monthly we export Average 1060000 pcs
-> Currently we support around 15-25 customer and we have a factory with 8 lines beside we worked with more than 100 factory
We have now (In our sourcing company)

1-> 5 designer: for the design support to buyers.
2-> 7 merchandisers: For costing, scouring and merchandising follow up.
3-> 78 Quality control team: For doing all the daily follow up in the factory to assure the quality and the on time production is monitored properly.
4-> 4 technician: To make sure all the fabric and garments are being checked to assure the good's performance before the goods are released.
5-> 4 fit technician : to make sure all the patterns and the fit comments from the buyer are well understood and explained to factory to have a correct shape and spec.
6-> 6 person 3rd party audit team: to double check the quality control team's job.
7-> 11 commercial person: to make sure the documents are being sent correctly and on time.
8-> Administration and others: 20


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