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Riverside Collection Limited

Riverside is a diversified business conglomerate vertically integrated Textile and Apparel manufacturing facility. It started its journey in 2009 as a readymade garments manufacturer, and has grown significantly in many ways over the decade. It has now concerns in Knit, Woven, Sweater, Shirts and Blouses, Denims, Jackets, Trims, retails and Other Businesses as well.
It is a complete platform of its kind that offers a one stop complete fashion solution to many global clothing retailers with an exceptional capability to produce a diverse range of products and detailed services from fashion design to delivery. The group has a dedicated and skilled workforce of 14,000 employees to produce 4.2 million pieces of garments per month. The detailed capacities are about 2.2 million pieces of Circular Knit, that includes Tee, Polo, Sweat-Shirts, and Flat Knit, covering a range from 1.5 gg to 14 gg of Automatic Sweater of 0.5 million pieces; 0.5 million pieces of Woven Denim Jeans, including: 5 Pocket-Trousers, and Jackets; 0.5 million pieces of Woven (casual Men’s Shirt and Ladies Blouse); and 0.5 million pieces of Woven (Outerwear Nylon functional Outdoor Spring and Winter Jackets) .
Off late, the group has expanded its business in the healthcare sector. We are also one of the top desired international sourcing platforms in Bangladesh, whereby we provide comprehensive support in connecting appropriate manufacturers to address niche requirements relevant to customers’ needs in terms of compliance standard, price, technical capability, capacity, and design support.
We are committed to our vision of establishing an ethical business standard that promotes a safe, sustainable, and a rewarding environment for our employees, customers, and partners.


Riverside Collection Ltd. is a manufacturing as well as a trading company having product diversity/capacity as follows.
Product range:
a) Basic and fashion Tee shirt/ Fleece/ Polo/ knitted bottoms for Men's, ladies and kid's in different kind of knit fabrics
b) Trouser and shorts on denim and non-denim
c) Men's and ladies shirt
d) Men's, Ladies and kid's sweater in different yarn and in different gg 1.5/3/5/7/10/12, got a variety of yarn we are working on
e) Men's, Ladies and kid's jacket
f) Men’s, Ladies all type of knit, woven undergarments and swimmer.
g) All type of Kids Item

-> Monthly we export Average 1060000 pcs
-> Currently we support around 15-25 customer and we have a factory with 8 lines beside we worked with more than 100 factory
We have now (In our sourcing company)

1-> 5 designer: for the design support to buyers.
2-> 7 merchandisers: For costing, scouring and merchandising follow up.
3-> 78 Quality control team: For doing all the daily follow up in the factory to assure the quality and the on time production is monitored properly.
4-> 4 technician: To make sure all the fabric and garments are being checked to assure the good's performance before the goods are released.
5-> 4 fit technician : to make sure all the patterns and the fit comments from the buyer are well understood and explained to factory to have a correct shape and spec.
6-> 6 person 3rd party audit team: to double check the quality control team's job.
7-> 11 commercial person: to make sure the documents are being sent correctly and on time.
8-> Administration and others: 20


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